[4.3] DEVIL KERNEL 3.0.1

  Devil – Kernel

Version: 3.0.9

Linux-Version: 3.0.94

Base: CM10.2


– Ultra KSM
– Voltage Control (OV/UV)
– Tweaked min/max allowable voltages
– Tweaked CPU bus speed (added 400MHz)
– Clock Speeds: 192MHz – 1.78GHz
– 3D GPU Clocks Up to 320MHz
– 3D GPU Max Freq Control (Kernel Sysfs: /sys/kernel/gpu_control) – Included init.d script to manage
– 2D GPU Clocks Up to 266Mhz
– 2D & 3D Bandwidth Increase
– KGSL (GPU) Tweaks
– Added Scheduler: BFQ v6, SIO, V(R)
– Added Governors: Ondemand 2 Phase (modded), SmartassV2 (modded), Badass 3 Phase, Lionheart (tweaked)
– USB Fast Charge
– MSM MPDecision (Enables hotpluging across all governors) – modded for dual core CPU
– Smart Zipalign at Boot
– SQLite Optimize Databases at Boot
– Sync CPU governors (thanks elbermu)
– Sync CPU frequency policies (thanks elbermu)
– Other small tweaks / fixes / enhancements


I recommend using TWRP for flashing

Reboot into recovery
Flash kernel

Dev-Host: http://d-h.st/9bj

Kernel 4.3 source can be found HERE
Special thank to Car vs Driver