Factory Firmware (stock)

PIT File



Jelly Bean 4.1.2

ME1 (Build Date 2013-05-22)



MA4 (Build Date 2013-01-28)



Pre Rooted stock ROMs

Jelly Bean 4.1.2

ME1 (Build Date 2013-05-22, data is wiped, so backup prior to flashing)


Hotfile (full stock)

hotfile (operator apps removed)

MA4 (Build Date 2013-01-28)


Hotfile (full stock)

Hotfile (operator apps removed from /system/app, /preload untouched)

Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.4


Hotfile (Unpack the .tar file from this zip archive and flash with Odin)


– PC with Windows installation (preferably some recent Windows version like Windows 7)
– Download Kies from Samsung’s website and install it, we will need some of the drivers that come with it
– Start Kies and make sure to disable automatic start up when connecting to a Samsung phone
– An original Samsung usb cable (people have reported experiencing problems with third party and other cheap cables)
– Download Odin here…
– Download latest (pre-rooted/unmodified) samsung/SKT stock rom; you need to have an Odin flashable .tar or .tar.md5 file, so if that was packed in another type of archive in your download, then unpack it.
– Make backups of all your important stuff (pictures etc…)

– start Odin
– turn the phone off and start it in Download mode
do this by pressing Volume-Down/Home/Power simultaneously until the Download startup screen appears,
then immediately press Volume-Up to confirm
– connect your phone with the usb cable
wait for the drivers to initialize and for Odin to recognize the phone
you will know when Odin displays a COM port # in the ID:COM section and ‘Added’ in the Message box
– In Odin ONLY select ‘Auto Reboot’ and ‘F. Reset Time’, all other options remain UNCHECKED
– In Odin select ‘PDA’ and browse to and select the .tar or .tar.md5 ROM file
– click on Start, sit back and wait for the flashing procedure to complete… the phone will then reboot
(don’t touch the phone and don’t touch the usb cable… the connector(s) on my cable are starting to wear out and because of that, if I accidentally touch it during the flashing process, nine out of ten times, it will cause the process to fail)

I recommend resetting the phone to factory defaults after flashing any major release bump, you can do this from within Android in the Settings->Backup and reset menu, or from within Recovery. To enter Recovery, turn off the phone, then press Volume-Up/Volume-Down/Power simultaneously until you see the Samsung logo, once the Samsung logo appears only release the Power button and keep the Volume buttons pressed until the Recovery menu shows… the menu is self-explanatory (navigate with Volume buttons and select with Power button)

Some people will recommend using ClockworkMod’s Recovery. It requires one time use of Odin to flash a custom Recovery partition which offers a more extensive set of commands to flash and change parts of the phone’s configuration. Currently there’s recovery options from CWM (both key and touch versions) and TWRP (touch version).

If you make mistakes, you can potentially soft-brick your phone (or if the (custom) ROM is dodgy). Don’t worry though, as long as the phone’s Bootloader partition is NOT touched, then you will always be able to recover with Odin.

Do not use PIT files unless you know what you are doing. If you use incorrect PIT files to flash an image, you can potentially hard-brick your phone!

Good luck!

PS. If you’ve done all of the above (correctly) and you are still running into problems, post your queries in this thread or send me a PM… always glad to help.

Credit: davidcsv


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