[4.2.2] Devil Kernel 2.0

Kernel Features

– Kernel version 3.0.93 – Compiled with GCC 4.7
– I/O schedulers CFQ, BFQ, ROW, NOOP, DEADLINE, SIO, VR, and ZEN
– Governors Intellidemand, InteractiveX, Ondemandx, Lazy, Wheatley, Smartass, Badass, Lionheart, Samsung and normal Stock options too.
– CPU OC – 1836 MHz
– GPU OC to 320 MHz for 3D & 266 MHz 2D
– Mpdecision – Showp1984
– Thermal – Showp1984 – Keeps your phone from overheating while Overclocked.
– Fsync Toggle – “Turn it off for better performance but be aware that you may encounter data loss if your phone crashes”
– USB Fast Charge
– Voltage Control
– Frandom Lag Reducer
– Smaller sized kernel due to XZ compression
– IO Boosters



Dev-Host: http://d-h.st/QRz

Use Trickster Mod to access all kernel’s option and don’t forget to set it on boot.

My Setup:

Governer- Badass

I/O Scheduler- row

CPU Freq- 192000-1026000



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